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Law for Pet Owners: Parks and Streets are NOT Dogs' Toilets

PLACESJun 28 2016337Ariel Belen

Quezon City is dotted with nice parks, plazas and playgrounds. With added improvements, you can actually have your family picnics in them.

For familiarization, Barangay Bahay Toro is located at the back of Quezon City General Hospital. It used to be the site of a high-tech solid waste management dump site; former Military Camp for Presidential Guards now a housing project of Quezon City government and the site of historic Pugad Lawin Park.

At our plaza in Project 8 Barangay Bahay Toro; I sometimes conduct my Filipino martial arts classes. We train ARNIS and street -fighting there.

But I am saddened when some residents see the parks, plazas and streets as their dog's toilets. Early in the morning when just a few people are up in the streets, they walk their dog to make them poo there. That's why when I jog, I see a lot of dog poo varieties on the streets in various shades, sizes and colors. My friend, Rolly, a pet expert, said you'd see the quality of dog food given dogs through the quality and color of their poo.

Interestingly, the quality of dog breeds owned by pet owners serves as status symbol in the neighborhood. A lot of them are classy and expensive. But mind you; owners are so irresponsible- they literally scatter the streets and plazas with their dog poos.

That's why sometimes, I call our place Barangay Bahay Tae (oops, sorry for the term).
Sometimes, when I jog, I have to swerve here and there to avoid stepping on the landmines. It's like a special forces training exercise of some sort.

I love dogs and cats (I always had them when I was a kid and teenager) but I don't have them today because I couldn't manage keeping them anymore. You have to be a responsible pet owner and always clean up their mess.

A lot of times, my neighbors' dogs and cats poo and pee in front of our house so we have to clean it all up---while their owners just relax and escape their responsibilities. Lucky for them we're good and patient neighbors.


On several occasion I witnessed and I appreciate an American couple who brisk walks in the morning with their dogs. Each time their dogs poo, they pick up the stool using plastic gloves and plastic bags. Then they put it in a small bag they bring along.

It's a shame that foreigners care about environment and cleanliness in our streets; while we Filipinos don't.

With the coming of Duterte Administration; Political will and change is coming, as they say; I hope dog owners in Project 8, who are fond of walking with their dogs just to let them make their poo-poo in the streets, would change their bad habits and become responsible pet owners; like the American couple in the neighborhood; who knows their role so well.

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