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Dr. Lee Wu Chun Mei: Asia's Top Acupuncturist

PEOPLESDec 11 2017248Sir James D. Tumbaga

Dr. Lee Wu Chun Mei is a licensed Obstetrician-Gynecologist who earned her degree from the Taiwan Chinese Medical School, but specializes in the practice of the ancient Chinese science of acupuncture. According to Dr. Lee, our body has 365 different nerve points which respond to the direct pressure of a needle. Each nerve point corresponds to a different organ, such as the gall bladder, the heart and the kidneys. She emphasizes that acupuncture is different and more effective than reflexology. “In acupuncture, the needle actually touches the nerve point,” she says in Chinese-accented English though she's been in the country for over three decades. “There's a big difference between acupuncture and reflexology, or acupressure, you just press down on it, and since there's a layer of skin between the nerve point and your fingers, it takes longer for the pressure to reach the nerve point and longer for the healing to start.”

Dr. Chun Mei has been doing acupuncture since 1963 while practicing medicine in Kaoshiung, a port city of about 6,000 people in Southern Taiwan. She studied acupuncture in her spare time. It was a natural choice, having come from a family where five generations of doctors before her had also practiced the ancient Chinese science.

Early years in the Philippines

She narrates: “back in 1983, when I first settled in the Philippines, I encountered many difficult problems, unfamiliar places, particularly the language barrier. As a Christian armed only with trust in God, I travelled across the country to serve people who cannot afford the services of a licensed doctor. I soon realized that free acupuncture could be an effective solution to the people's health problems, especially in the countryside where people who have no access to modern hospitals and the services of doctors.

“I moved from city to city, and wherever I went, I saw God's wonderful guidance. With the support of Chinese community leaders, everything became smooth sailing. Despite political unrest and other obstacles, I pursued my journey perseveringly. There was no problem I could not shoulder. Patients who came to me, whether bothered by serious or minor ailments or any puzzling, seemingly incurable disease, all manifested encouraging results after continuous treatment. Since I was the only one practicing and offering free acupuncture, my reputation was rapidly established.

“People came to me with all sorts of complaints, some had to see me secretly because they had sons and daughters who were doctors and who were prescribing medicines, but they were not getting any better. They were tired of taking medicines for seemingly incurable diseases, after trying acupuncture and taking Chinese medicines, most patients show remarkable improvements. Those who have been healed pass the word around, which won her the heart and trust of many.”


Dr. Lee cited one of the many documented cases of patients whose condition showed a marked response to acupuncture treatment.

“Zamboanga 1987. A professor of a certain university had been diagnosed as having brain tumor. For three years from 1984 to 1987, she had been suffering excruciating pain. Medical doctors routinely told her an operation was needed but she could not afford it. It was a Muslim community. Many Muslim patients were treated and naturally word about my skill fell upon the professor's ear and she also came to me. After three or four treatments, her condition improved. When all ten treatments were done, the headache disappeared! She was able to sleep normally so much so that she has decided to return to work.”

If acupuncture can cure people of such medically hopeless cases it surely has medical value and is worthy of in-depth research. After all drugs are invented to lessen the patients' suffering.

“In 1988, I went to Davao City. A certain man approached me for consultation. He suffered from asthma since he was a 2 year old. He was 36 when he came to me, constantly coughing. He had difficulty breathing and could not sleep well. He became obese having taken so many medicines. The first day he came to my clinic on the second floor, he was supported by his mother and his wife on each side in going up the stairs, gasping for breath. I let him rest a little while, then applied acupuncture, gave him an injection and some Chinese medicines. The next day he came alone, going up the stairs all by himself without any difficulty. He told me the previous night he had the most comfortable sleep all his life, no cough, no hard breathing, a good night's sleep. After one treatment cycle, i.e. ten times of acupuncture, in addition to a month-long intake of Chinese medicine, his health improved tremendously.

“Manila 1991. I had a diabetic patient who became the most persevering of all my patients. When she first visited me on March 24, her diabetes had a record high of 250mg/dl. After two months of treatment, symptoms began to disappear but blood sugar level remained the same. On the third month, the blood sugar level began to drop naturally. And on the fourth month, it went to 190 and on the fifth month it was 130. Continuous acupuncture treatment coupled with Chinese medicine produced very good results. People may regard diabetes as incurable; we can only try to control it. But the chairman of the Philippine Science and Acupuncture Association, Dr. Aquino, can testify to this case. It so happened that when Dr. Aquino came to my clinic to invite me, this patient was also there undergoing treatment, and she explained to Dr. Aquino her condition and the process of treatment she was undergoing, and showed Dr. Aquino the results of the laboratory tests as evidence.

“Another case was a helper who was sick with fever that rose up as high as 40oC. He had seizures and became unconscious. Immediately I gave him acupuncture treatment. After 30 minutes, sweat flowed all over his body, his fever was relieved and the seizures stopped with his breathing back to normal. I prescribed Chinese medicine and the next day he was well on his feet. In such cases, doctors usually require the patient to undergo a lot of tests and general check-up, even doing lumbar tap if necessary. Medication only starts when diagnosis is final. This certainly delays proper treatment.

“Iloilo City. A teacher had peptic ulcer for several years. She occasionally vomited and had big lump in her stomach. After twelve treatments and some Chinese medicine, the hardened lump disappeared, there was no more pain and vomiting ceased too. According to her, she was advised to have an operation but she could not afford it.

“These are some of my experiences which may be of help to you in the knowledge of medicine and acupuncture. In view of this, acupuncture can be the most practical and useful way of treatment. Medical prescription isn't always the answer to our ailments. Sometimes, a needle in expert hands may be just what it takes.”

The way acupuncture works is quite simple. Needles of different lengths are used, depending on the thickness of the patient' skin. Once they enter the body, the pressure they create in the nerve points improves the blood circulation and displaces the unnecessary air and waste in your system, which is the source of most health problems.

As already stated, Dr. Lee's technical know-how and skill have been inherited from her fore parents dating back to five generations. Since 1983 she had treated about a million patients.

Civic duty

Apart from her work as a doctor, Dr. Lee has been very active in civic duties, foremost to note, as member of the International Acupuncture Association in the USA, England and Southeast Asia; elected adviser of the Chinese Acupuncture Association-Taiwan Chapter and Hong Kong international Senior Citizen Association of the United Nations.

Awards and Achievements

MEMBER- International Acupuncture Association
MEMBER- British Acupuncture Association
MEMBER- Organization Pour 'letude ET Le development DE L 'acupuncture (Hong Kong Branch)
HONORARY MEMBER- Pacific College Guam USA Chartered Member of International University and Academy
MEMBER- Taiwan Chapter of the Chinese Acupuncture Association
MEMBER- Philippines Scientific Acupuncture Association, Inc.
1986-HONORARY DOCTOR of Chinese Medicine February 3, 1986- Pacific College USA
1987 - PHYSICIAN OF THE YEAR- Asian Research for Unity of Filipino Citizenry Inc.
1987- OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - Taiwan Chapter- Chinese Acupuncture Association
1988- ACUPUNCTURIST OF THE YEAR - Child Assistance and rehabilitation entity Inc.
1991 - EXCEPTIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - Asian Research for unity of Filipino Citizenry, Inc.

Her Practice in the US was licensed by California State, Board of Medical Quality Assurance, a Division of allied Health Professionals. She also received lots of speaking engagements and numerous prestigious awards for her “Exceptional Humanitarian Work in Traditional Medicine” in the Philippines and abroad.

The Controversy on Acupuncture Healing

Acupuncture healing has always created heated debates and discussions due to its spectacular nature and materialization, which cannot be explained by present science. Although extensive studies by western medical scientists recognize that a high percentage of patients have found improvement and in some cases even complete cure after undergoing several sessions of acupuncture.

Since this type of healing places several question marks at the root of modern medicine, we must determine whether - as a modern society - we are prepared to accept the unknown and explore new horizons or to close our eyes and summarily reject the new.

Dr. Lee is very aware that acupuncture healing creates many challenges to the conservative mind sets in modern society. Having subjected her practice to scientific research and study worldwide, she has learned that closed (i.e. fearful) minds can not be "convinced" of new discoveries in this respect. It takes an open and objective mind as well as courage to acknowledge that the roots of our present deterministic way of thinking is (too) limiting.

Fortunately, the group of scientists, doctors and therapists who embrace new, open and objective views towards a more holistic form of health are quickly growing in numbers.

Despite the skepticism of many to the practice of acupuncture; Dr. Lee in over three decades has worked patiently and persistently for the awareness of traditional medicine in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world. Having touched over a million ailing bodies, she is always quick to disclaim personal praise, saying that she is only an instrument of divine power.

Dr. Lee has treated not only ordinary people but as well as heads of state, TV-movie personalities, world class and famous sport personalities, religious leaders, doctors and medical scientists including those already judged as hopeless by conventional medicine. Who's who among the list of patients is not important to her; what matters only is that patients are healed or been relieved from suffering and pain and become living testimonials on the efficacy of acupuncture as an alternative to conventional medicine which often results in complications after invasive surgical procedures.

Her most significant contribution is the introduction of a free acupuncture now institutionalized in many foundations that eventually led to the creation and realization of RA 8423 known as the Traditional Alternative Medicine Act of 1997 (TAMA LAW) then Secretary Dr. Juan Flavier of the Department of Health (DOH) who became a senator. And in 2016 acupuncture is legally practiced in the Philippines under the supervision of the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITACH), which is an agency within the DOH family.

Dr. Lee now dedicates herself entirely to her acupuncture healing mission and has became one of the most sought-after acupuncturist in the Philippines where she has become famous , thus helping both patients as well as western medical scientists realize the effectiveness of acupuncture for treatment and healing.

Faith Hope Love Medical Center

Faith and patience is needed in acupuncture treatment; generally, those who come to Dr. Lee's clinic are afflicted with chronic disease, which often had dragged a long time. Many among them have consulted other medical specialists and have taken the most advanced treatment. Some are even doctors themselves, others have sons and daughters who are doctors.

For best results, Dr. Lee advises her clients to undergo ten times (one treatment cycle) of acupuncture, and if one follows the rule to the dot, can expect good results.

Dr. Lee has named her clinic: Faith, Hope, Love Medical Center. Because first, a patient must have faith, then if he has faith, hope naturally springs up after which love is used to treat the patients. Dr. Lee is not after money or fame but only loving service.

Darling of the Press and Media Documentaries

Media practitioners have documented Dr. Lee's healings over several years which made her even more well-known across the globe.

Below is a summary of the several documentaries which appeared in print and several national TV stations, mostly in the past decade. The list is far from complete since Dr. Lee does not recall the many different journalists and TV stations who have made documentaries about her acupuncture healing work.

She was always open to media, allowing the filming of procedures after obtaining the patient's consent for testimonial purposes on the effectiveness of acupuncture. One outstanding work which made her a darling of the press was the medical report done in Makati Medical Center that presented an objective and comprehensive overview of Dr. Lee's accomplishments.

ABS-CBN Channel 2
United Daily News-1989-Onward
World News -1989-Onward
Universal Today-1989-Onward
Manila Bulletin 1989-Onward
Philippine Star 1989-Onward
Balita -1990-Onward
Philippine Daily Inquirer 1991-Onward
People's Journal-1991-Onward
People's Tonight-1992-Onward
China Times (Hong Kong)-1993-Onward

In the course of her practice amidst scientific debate, Dr. Lee simply professes: "As a doctor I can't stand to see the agony of suffering, my mission is to take away the pain and heal, not necessarily to convince". It's a message that seems so resonant reflecting her powerful but humble personality.

Today, in nearly three decades as the medical director of Faith Hope Love Medical Center, it continues as a living testaments of her unparalleled commitment, and it is open to the public from Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 6:pm at 24K Mansion # 45 Scout Tuazon St. Corner Timog Avenue Quezon City.

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