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Young Couple’s Secret in Managing Business: Mobile Technology at SM Branches

PEOPLESJul 12 2017464Sir James D. Tumbaga

The electronics industry today dominates much of human business and activities. One cannot ignore the existence of the so called www or the World Wide Web.

The rise of electronics in the world has done wonders to people. One can readily do mobile banking transactions, electronic mail, and avail of online entertainment (movies, online games and etc.) as well as get informed by the latest news and developments online news anytime and anywhere he is at the time. He can get in touch with a loved one, relative, friend and other persons of importance to him through online chat. One can even do online shopping in the comforts of his home, office or place of work and do many more. Day-in and day-out, one experiences these realities in life brought about by the advancement of electronics technology that has come up with numerous fascinating mobile technology applications.

The molding of a business idea

In order to be not left out in the race to make the most out of the advancement of electronics, Mr. Chad Colocado mastered the needed skills and equipped himself with the “ins and outs” of the business and concentrated, particularly, in the mobile technology. This is to make sure that he is not to be outdated in the complexity involved in this fast emerging high-end and changing technology.

He honed up his skills at the Greenhills Repair Shop. This was at a time when he attended also to his family’s needs while he was still a nursing student. In fact, Chad spent his skills honing and training years in the mastery of the trade, trying also to know of the secrets of this business; Skills and mastery, complemented by a supportive wife. This business-minded young couple moved their business to SM Malls. The pressing need and the call for expansion are due to the rising public trust and demands of prominent clienteles.

Moving-up to the next level

Mobile Technology SM Sta. Mesa

Mobile Technology, “Your trusted partner in delivering technology,” is a store of Mobile Accessories and Repair Shop established in 2007 at SM Sta. Mesa, Manila. This is a big leap for the business at Cyberzone in the fourth floor of SM Sta. Mesa from its small store beginnings of Mobile Accessories and Repair Shop at the Grenhills Shopping Center in San Juan. The moving-up to the next level of rendering service to a larger market, especially at SM, the country’s biggest and busiest mall, was very timely due to the soaring rise of different brands of mobile phones.

10th Year Anniversary

Today, looking back over the years, from its humble beginnings, they are about to celebrate their 10th year anniversary of existence. Mobile Technology has earned them the reputation of “Your trusted partner in delivering technology,” that indeed, proves a continues commitment and branding of excellence service in the midst of the never ending but ever growing competition, the business is opened new branches now at SM BF Paranaque, SM Molino and soon at other SM branches nationwide

Mobile Technology SM MolinoMobile Technology SM BF Paranaque

Joy Alvarez (Right)

Known to have a symbol of “fix appeal” and unique sophistication in the mobile technology industry, this young couple, Chad Colocado and Joy Alvarez, that runs Mobile Technology; though not originally from Manila but hails from prominent families in Iloilo, is making success in the capital metropolis of the country. This, once again proves, that a perfect blend of partnership can sustain their way up to the corporate world, as they are planning soon to launch Franchising opportunities for interested entrepreneurs or partnerships. When asked the couple, how to be successful in business? “You need to learn a lot….the hard way, to equate a long-term successful business strategy.” said [the Assumptionist girl] Joy in closing.

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