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11-Year Old Filipino Girl Has IQ Higher Than Einstein

PEOPLESMay 14 2017163Ariel Belen

Filipino kid MIA GOLOSINO is now one of the brightest young minds in the world. Her parents found out after their daughter scored 162 on a Mensa test. Mia took the test after she was not accepted into Aylesbury High grammar school.

According to reports, Mia chose the grammar school as her first choice when she goes back to school in September. Despite passing the exams, however, the school rejected her application, citing “over-subscription” as the reason.

Mia's parents, Jose and Mary, wanted to appeal the school's decision at first. So, to support their appeal, they arranged for their daughter to take the Mensa IQ test. Much to their surprise and delight, Mia scores the highest possible mark of 162. The benchmark score for “genius” is 140, while Einstein's IQ is at 160.

She now belongs to the top 1 percent of the population with high IQ. It also means she becomes a member of British Mensa. After news about her IQ test broke, she got offered a spot at the Royal Latin School in Buckingham. This grammar school is one of the most prestigious grammar schools in the country.

Dad Jose works as an IT Manager, while mom Mary is a stay-at-home mother. Hailing from the Philippines, they migrated to the United Kingdom 10 years ago, when Mia was still a baby.

In sharing Mia's story, Jose hopes that it will inspire other kids, especially those who do not get their preferred school. They want it to “give hope” so that the kids and their families do not give up.

Now, Aylesbury High would be disappointed to know that the 11-year-old already decided to go the Royal Latin School in Buckingham.

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