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Marcos Era: For people born on 1986 and later By: Ricky Ledesma

PEOPLESNov 25 2016296Sir James D. Tumbaga

Before anything else, let me make it clear that I am NOT pro-Marcos, not pro-Aquino, or pro-other Philippine Presidents after Marcos. I am not a politically-affiliated person, but I live long enough to witness the Martial Law and the things that happened later.

Every now and then, I see pro-Marcos propaganda on my FB feed, and also criticisms to current administration. I understand that these people have enough to say so they are voicing out their emotions. The Philippines is a democratic country and I have no problem with it.

I was a senior engineering student at UST when EDSA 1 broke out and yes, many of my schoolmates were there. I was invited and recruited many times but I politely declined as I know I could gain no personal benefit from being on the streets without any personal motive.

History tells younger generation that the EDSA 1 gave the country the democracy that people have been longing for. It might be true but the overall effect is not convincing.
"Democracy in Philippines is overrated", former Professor of Harvard Law School Philip Chastain said in the 1998 issue of Time Magazine.

"You give the people too much power and the country will be in a mess", he added. He was 100% right though.

Democracy does not always mean peace.

During the Martial Law, there was no street crime at night because no one is allowed to loiter except for PC operatives. Criminals are punished almost instantly. A normal person like me who is not affiliated in politics and just doing my daily chores had nothing to complain about the Martial Law.

I grew-up in Bacolod but spent my college years in Manila. Life in province during Marcos era was more peaceful than today.

The problem with history is that, only the negative things are published and taught to young generation so they grew-up hating the people they should not have to.

Demonstrators then are the same people who are demonstrating today. In my own opinion and observation, people who are always on the streets shouting for almost anything against whoever administration are the lowest class of people in our society.

Sometimes I ask myself if what these people do for a living, but knowing that most are getting paid, I understand why they are always there.

You can’t find the same people in provinces where almost everyone is busy working for their families. There is no time for such nonsense.

Do 100% of people who joined EDSA 1 and EDSA 2 really know why they were brought there? The problem is that, people can be manipulated easily.

During my college years, I know several people (students) who joined rallies and get paid in order to augment their daily finances. The same thing can still be happening even until today.

"There are demonstrators in every corner of the world but Philippines is different. People here are getting paid and making every rally a living," Political Analyst and Law Professor Artemio Cruz said.

"Marcos, although dubbed as dictator by misinformed and clueless young generation can be considered the greatest Philippine president if we only try to give him credit on the good things he did to this country", Cruz added.

Emily Crawford, a retired UN official who was assigned in the Philippines for 12 years during the Marcos administration, now a director of Think Intelligently Foundation (an affiliate of Rockefeller Foundation), said Ferdinand Marcos has accomplished more things than his predecessors’ accomplishments combined.

In her Oriental Report on May 2012, Crawford had Marcos’ accomplishments partially listed.

Marcos completed 20 power plants (excluding diesel plants) in 20 years. Cory Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, Gloria Macapagal, Ninoy Aquino III COMBINED in 26 years: ZERO

Marcos completed 9 bridges with 100-meter length or more and hundreds of shorter than 100 meters.

Marcos completed and funded 48 State Colleges and Universities. The succeeding administration has zero until now.

There are 37 High Schools built under Marcos administration.

The lists goes on, PHC, IRRI, BLISS, NMYC (now TESDA), etc.

The literacy rate climbed from 72% in 1965 to 93% in 1985 and almost 100% in Metro Manila on the same year.

It will be a very long article if we compare the things (both good and bad) during Martial Law and the things that are happening today.

During Marcos era, only people with political ambitions, criminals, and political opponents are affected. Working class people who are not involved in any political or government activities doesn’t care.

Today, almost everyone is affected when our leader failed to do his job.

"The left wing media and irresponsible journalism destroyed Marcos – not the Filipino people", former Mormon missionary to Philippines Ralph Fitzner said.

Source: – Published on 02/12/2015
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