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Behind A Great Health Big Event

EVENTSDec 5 20171250Maerose T. Bayya

For centuries, numerous attempts to know what human illness is all about and on how it can be altered, if at all, have been reported in medical journals and manuscripts in different parts of the world. For better or for worse, western medicine and its constitutive texts, rules, and prescriptions held the most authority when it comes to the “cure” or treatment of various diseases or illnesses. The West achieved great gains in the medical sciences toward the end of the 21st century and yet, over the years there are a number of sickness that proved to be incurable by modern medicine even until today. Medical progress saves lives, although, some terrible experiments in the past in the name of medicine have failed. There were some ethical lapses and mistakes by people who think they were doing the right thing but have blighted the good name of medical science instead. There were some who manipulated social institutions in performing medical experimentations, which by any standard, are grossly unethical and completely unacceptable.

Guided by lessons gained from the experiences of the past, the race today against time for the treatment or cure of these dreaded diseases has rapidly began to change the medical world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations' (UN) body entered the picture to intervene and address the issue and came up, for adaptation, with the consensus of drafting the formulation of the Traditional Medicine Strategy from 2014 to 2023.

It is in this context of perfect timing, at the crossroads of change in the new millennium, that the 1st Scientific Healing with Passion will be held at the Century Garden Hotel, Makati City. It is slated on December 8, 2017 and will be held under the auspices of the MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY & MEDICAL CENTRE (MIMMO). The event offers participants an advanced overview of comprehensive and extensive medical solutions related to health problems that are now treatable with the advancement of medical science.

MIMMO, being the organizer of this great health event, is committed to show what it can do in changing the lives of many people who are sick, so they regain-back their health.

Having the latest state-of-the-art technology that cannot be found anywhere else in the country, this makes MIMMO so sure of its self and becomes undeterred in implementing its advocacy. This big-day health event; is to reach out the populace and communities for them to understand the changing face of modern medicine.

So, be a part of their advocacy to expand the application of RA 8423, otherwise known as the Traditional Alternative Medicine Act (TAMA) Law, Furthermore, the TAMA Law recognizes Biomedicine. BIOMEDICINE encompasses the application of cellular based sciences, such as Regenerative Medicine, more commonly known as Stem Cell Medicine. MIMMO, believe only in the highest and latest research on human-based stem cell medicine - This is the SAFEST and most efficacious approach to treat these problems; a central approach that employs the patient's own stem cells, or medically known as AUTOLOGOUS stem cell therapy. At MIMMO, the treatment of these conditions includes preventive care, equally supported by the latest DIAGNOSTICS tools as mentioned.

Meet those behind the big-day health event

Mr. Alfonso Ma. Ricardo B. Colayco, Tax Consultant, inventor and a successful businessman, hails from a prominent family; the youngest son of the late Justice Jose C. Colayco, a distinct member of the 1986 Constitutional Commission and Principal Sponsor of the Ombudsman's Bill.

Although not a doctor by profession, as a practicing Phenomenologist with distinctive instinct and passion, he has initiated and won the cause and practice of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy in the Philippines, of which to date; close to a thousand patients have been treated safely and successfully, through a growing number of well trained and interested medical doctors.

He is also the founding President of ALMARICO TRUST FUND, a Bio-­-Technology medical entity dedicated to providing Autologous, Cellular Therapies; from Adipose Based Stem Cell Therapy; Autologous, Exosomes (both for Regenerative and Cancer Treatment); including PBD-­-SC Therapy, the latest most potent form of Stem Cell Therapy yet developed for the treatment of degenerative conditions. ALMARICO is equally committed to developing the latest and most advanced forms of non-­-pharmacological treatment for other dreaded diseases, such as HIV and other areas of the Medical Industry that are of equivocal relevance, such as Osteoporosis; Infertility and blindness.

Colayco is the President of MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY REGENERATIVE MEDICAL CENTRE (MIMMO): This is the only regenerative specialist center for molecular immunology and regenerative medicine established in the Philippines. It utilizes high-end-technology, a major medical breakthrough that could revolutionize modern medicine. This is, undoubtedly, the first of its kind of technology, not yet introduced by even top-rated government or private medical facility in the country today.

He is the only non-medical practitioner who risks his investment and the man behind the introduction of the practice of Autologous Stem Cell Medicine, for the multitude advancement of medical professionals in the Philippines.

Dr. Manuel C. Aves is a medical practitioner and a promising medical scientist who foresees the emerging necessities of the times in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) resolution of the United Nations (UN). This is the adaptation and practice of integrative/traditional/complementary or alternative medicine, along with the orthodox or conventional medicine, in which the Philippines has consequently come-up with the Republic Act 8423 (R.A. 8423) known as the “Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act (TAMA LAW) of 1997”. This is in compliance to the delivery of health care under the WHO Resolution of UN members. Due to this legal milestone and in view of the rise of the number of many people seeking alternative medication; he did double time to advance his career amidst the rigors and reservations of his peers and colleagues.

With his career advancement and strategy development, he is the Medical Head of the MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY REGENERATIVE MEDICAL CENTRE. This unique center uses the latest state-of-the-art-technology for the treatment of hopeless illnesses and diseases that conventional medicine failed to treat or cure.

Dr. Aves is one of the pioneering Cellular Surgeons of the country who was trained abroad by medical scientists and experts--his field of specialization is General Cosmetic Surgeon. He is a Diplomate fellow of the Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgeons (PSCS) and holds key top positions as the concurrent Medical Director and faculty of the College of Medicine La Consolacion University Philippines and La Consolacion General Hospital of Plaridel, Bulacan, Medical Director, MCA SURGICAL CLINIC, DJ Paradise Hotel, Brgy. Dakila, Malolos City, Bulacan; a member Fellow of the Philippine Society for Medical Specialists in Gov't Service(PSMSI); International College of Surgeons (ICS); Philippine Academy of Medical Specialist (PAMS); Philippine Liposuction Society Inc. (PLSI) Philippine Medical Association (PMA); Bulacan Medical Society (BMS); Ethics Review Board, La Consolacion University Philippines ( ERB,LCUP), Medical Ethics Review Board (MERB) and the current President of the Philippine Association for Regenerative Cellular Sciences (PARCS).

This combined force of a team of medical experts and some that, you will meet during the event, is attributed to MIMMO'S commitment, at par excellence to be at the forefront of providing patients', a state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality of a new dawn of emerging clinical trend of care and treatment today.

May their effort to contribute something to the advancement of modern medicine, through the utilization of high-end or state-of-the-art technology, be acknowledged as paramount importance to our health care system today.

“In the end, above and beyond its not drugs/training/skills, --- sometimes all you need is, the passion to heal --that matter to make a difference!" the MIMMO president Mr. Colayco and the man behind the 1st Makati's health big event said in closing.

Come!….Now Miracle Can Happen….Try it….You'll Never Regret!!!

For inquiry about the event call or email Joy Alvarez Mobile 0917-812-46-68 Email:

Author Bio

Maerose T. Bay-ya, Luzon Student Correspondent

Maerose Bay-ya is a Luzon Student Correspondent for lguphil central online news covering general science topics, especially those related to medical science. One of the few to have obtained municipal college scholarship grant from her municipal birth place. Maerose studied Nursing at Saint Louis University in Baguio City with an outstanding scholastic record from kinder to college.
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