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Boracay Hosts “Muscle Beach Philippines 2017”

EVENTSMay 15 2017359Sir James D. Tumbaga

After the country held the parade of beautiful ladies in the recently concluded 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant comes next the parade of sculpted physiques of gals and guys from famous gyms all over the world.

This unfolds on June 3, 2017 when gorgeous people unravel; their muscles on the beach of Boracay that now rivals the Bahamas in the Caribbean and the French Riviera or Ibiza in Spain. It’s the perfect venue, not only because of its global popularity and incredible backdrop of scenery, but known also because of its magical allure in holding big events groups of fancy-crazy spectators across the country like the famous talk-of-the-town summer Bikini Open Competition and the “Muscle Beach Philippines 2017” that will surely be a hit to the Boracay beach crowd.

The holding of the first “Muscle Beach Philippines 2017” in Asia is widely anticipated in Boracay for this popular event that started in Venice, California. This becomes the starting point of the booming era of physical fitness awareness in the United States in the 20th century that spread the world over.

The Muscle Beach contest started as an outdoor fitness event for gymnasts and other muscle-built enthusiasts that consequently transformed into an outdoor weightlifting platform serving as the training concentration of beautiful gym-produced physiques. It gave birth to an array of beautifully muscled men who rose up to stardom in like Hollywood Star Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. Today, Muscle Beach is more popular as ever and serves as the central location focal point of public interest in physical fitness.

The staging of the first “Muscle Beach Philippines 2017” event gives Filipino participants, physical fitness athletes, bodybuilders the Filipino public and spectators of divers races an experience of once in a lifetime opportunity to become part of the rich tradition and culture of the semi-annual event in California that intensifies immensely the popularity of physical fitness worldwide.

GooZam, together with The Fitness Hub and GIGEN EVENTI, with the special participation of Sherwin Sy, Mr. Philippines Bodybuilding event 2014 organizer that combined into massive workforce in bringing the event in the eyes of the world to the renowned fine white sand beach of Boracay Island.

Personalities for the event

There are surprise local and international luminaries as invited guests. These include champions in the world of Muscle and Bodybuilders, local TV and Movie personalities as well as local officials to grace the event. Among the invited guests are the following:
 1.Jewel Karunungan, NPC Grand Prix LA 2017 Figure Class champion and International Classic Figure Category Champion at Muscle Beach Venice 2016, will show-off her competition winning poses during the event.
 2.Eryk Bui, an IFBB Pro, two time NPC champion (2002 and 2004) and head judge of the Muscle Beach Venice California bodybuilding event, will grace the event.
 3.Jeff Diaz, IFBB Physique Pro/Nubreed- Physique coaching sessions pre-event June 2, 2017.
 4.JP Yap, EO of Supplement Hub and NPC Level Competitor and the local "bodthrob" and poster boy that add drumbeat of excitement and raise the intensity of the competition.
 5.Gemmalyn Crosby IFBB Pro /GCSF
 6.Rey Domalsin
 7.Roman Cortuna
 8.Leigh Guda
 9.Patrick Tan
10.Nick Tsai

Highlight of the Event

The primary activity for the event will be the men’s and women’s bodybuilding and physique competitions. There will be peripheral events that will feature contemporary sound and music, retail of diverse product-lines, array of excellent kinds of exhibits, and interactive activities that will immerse event participants and the public in the world of Muscle Beach Venice, California.

Event Sponsors

Data Soft Logic Corporation, Crown Regency Hotels and Resorts, Boracay Peninsula Hotel and Resort, Red Bull, Pro Tan, JFit, Mor 91.1 FM Radio ABS-CBN , Sky Cable, Yakult, Ensayo Gym Equipment, Griller’s, Supplement Hub, Vansidical, Next Level Fitness, Maximus Den Fitness, Vansydical, Sports Generation, Smarties Shirts, IU MEDIA Group and Fitness Hub. Wonderful strategics and creatives’ by Gigen Eventi and CNN Philippines for TV coverage.

Support Group

Sherwin Sy, IFBB pros, Gemmalyn Crosby of GCSF and Jeff Diaz of Nubreed. GooZam partner volunteers and organizations - Red Cross Youth, Bike Scouts Philippines, ZEDRU, Advance Aiders Angels and members of Central 911 with local volunteer counterparts led by Ryan Cruz. Boracay Peninsula Hotel and Resort, Crown Regency Hotel and Resort, Lime Hotel.

TV and Radio

PCTV Cable, Mor 91.1 FM DYMC Radio ABS-CBN, Sky Cable.
CNN Philippines TV Guesting May 12, 2017 and June 5, 2017

Tri-media Outfits and Online Social Media Networks

The event will be highly featured in tri-media outfits as well as in social media networks foremost is www.lguphil central online news which is the country’s largest link to the national and 18 regional government, 81 provinces, 145 cities, 1,489 municipalities and 42,036 local community units with over a million mobile phone News Advisory subscribers and also posted on the GooZam Facebook followers and Facebook fun page of sponsors.

Other Details and Sponsorship

Please log on to or email at
To register as a competitor log

Muscle Beach Philippines is an event under Muscle Beach Events and Products Asia Inc., in cooperation with GooZam, Organized by Fitness Hub Productions and strategically and creatively visible by Gigen Eventi.
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